At [LIGHTSWITCH] we are your true production partner.  We pair your project with a highly experienced producer, not just a producer by title only, to help oversee the production process.  When it comes to production, you don’t want to be blindsided by surprises.  Having a partner you can trust to navigate roadblocks and hiccups that could potentially arise during production, will make for a seamless production experience. 


Our network of producers has produced for the top directors, production companies, advertising agencies and brands in the world. They have years of experience and expertise in the industry.  They are familiar with all sizes of productions and have produced everything from OLV's to  Super Bowl commercials.   With access to the best crew and vendors available, you can trust that your project will be run smoothly, efficiently and produced at the highest quality possible. 


We have a  full-service accounting system that is set up and understands how individual productions work, there aren't any corporate accounting policies to get in the way.   With vendor accounts already in place, we are prepared and able to pivot on a moment's notice. We have experience in the ups and downs of production and are unflappable.  


So, what do we do?   We Produce.


                  [LIGHTSWITCH]- A Production Solution     

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