Full Service Commercial Production 

We'll execute your creative from page to screen.  We'll bid your project out, hire the crew and source vendors.

Still Photography with/without Motion

Need a still photographer?  Need a still photographer who can shoot motion?   We can supply you with options for both.   

Production Consulting

We can help you budget your creative ideas and offer suggestions on the production approach, so you aren't blindsided when you decide to move into production.

Social Media and Online Videos

We produce your social media and online videos just like we produce broadcast spots.  Just because it's on a small screen does not mean it should be treated any differently.  

Post Production and Finishing

We have partnered with a post production facility so we can offer you discounted rates on editorial and finishing. 

Advertising Agency Services

Need help creating the perfect script? We can supply you with agency creative directors, art directors and copywriters that can help create or give your creative the extra oomph it might need.   

                  [LIGHTSWITCH]- A Production Solution     

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